To markĀ  a positive start to 2020 Mushin Combat Academy’s own Sue King has today been announced as Liverpool’s Regional Officer for the United Kingdom Budo Federation.

In a statement released today the UKBF described the Head Coach as “One of the most senior and highly respected female JuJitsu practitioners in the country“.

On the honour King said she was ‘humbled’ by the announcement and the ‘new challenge’ which creates another opportunity to push Mushin Combat in 2020.

She said: “I really like what the UKBF stand for, with their non political stances, no egos with a great friendship all united through Budo and just great martial arts.

“The announcement is a great start to 2020, and is just the tip of the iceberg for the New Year.”

On what the extended relationship can bring, King said it will allow stronger bonds to be built within the Martial Arts community – this coming from the huge success of Mushin’s hosting of Budo Live in December.

She continued: “It will allow me to meet many more like minded martial artists and build life long friendships. Creating Budo links so that we can train with other Dojos throughout the UK.”

From the relationship – Mushin will host the end of year Budo Live for each year, with a host of martial artists coming to the Liverpool club to train.


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