Starting your health and fitness in any capacity can be difficult, however here at Team Mushin we look to help you reach your goals through quality teaching while building confidence along the way.

With a team of coaches and a range of classes available – there is sure to be something for you – how about Brazilian Ju-Jitsu?

Joe Rogan is an experience BJJ practitioner (mmajunkie)

The discipline is practiced by thousands throughout the world including notable people such as Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, Jason Statham and Millie Bobby Brown.

BJJ teaches self defence at its heart with an emphasis on ground work, our teacher Kev Corkill says the main aims are the class are to ‘submit or subdue your opponent‘ and to protect yourself in any scenario.

If you are tempted to try your hand at the class which takes place at 7pm every Monday, Wednesday (No-Gi) and Friday your first class is free which Kev says is just one reason to try the class.

He said: “What is the worst that could happen?…you show up, you do not like it – you get to go home and carry on with your life or you can show up and maybe it can change your life like it changed mine.

So the worst that could happen is you waste an hour – you could waste an hour watching a bad television programme – there is loads of ways to waste an hour why not take the chance.

Finding something that works for you could be difficult, if running or lifting weights is not your thing then Ju-Jitsu could be just the thing for you.

Kev continued: “It is effective but it comes down to what you enjoy doing – it is a way to workout without having to even think about it – going for a run or picking up weights does not appeal to anybody but it is important for anybody and everybody to take part in some degree of fitness.

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