Here at Mushin Combat Academy we strive for inclusion with each and every one of our students and we are on the look out for new recruits to join us this Winter.

Martial Arts can teach us key principles that you can take with you through all stages of life and our coaches have pieced together a brand new Introductory class to welcome new beginners.

Sue King is our highest ranking member at Team Mushin holing a 6th degree black belt 

Starting Wednesday, November 6th this class will be limited to new starters only and will focus on the core skills involved in Japanese Ju-Jitsu, including; striking, fitness ,joint manipulation and ground work.

At the academy we work with you to help boost  confidence, skill and your lifestyle using Martial Arts as a foundation to help you grow, our gym has become a hub for our students with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all.

Our head coach Sue King says that training at Mushin is a great way to get fit and learn a complete Martial Art system. each student has a different reason to  begin their journey and we encourage everyone  ‘regardless of skill-set’  we have students who  cross train & compete, however many of students come for the ‘social interaction’ making friends and staying at the the club for years.

Paul Gilligan is a regular teacher of the class. Paul is a first Dan Japanese Ju-Jitsu 

Sue herself says that Ju-Jitsu’s  Budo values changed her life as it taught her ‘values to incorporate into everyday life’ with the activity able to do the same for anybody who walks through the door saying:

“I have seen people gain confidence, through meeting new friends, losing weight, competing, coaching others believing in themselves and improving every aspect of their life – and that all started with Martial Arts.”

However, Team Mushin operates under different core principles to other clubs, with an emphasis on a direct style of teaching with a community spirit and friends achieving the same goals.

Sue said: “Team Mushin CIC is more than a Dojo, it is a community hub where people feel welcome;e a safe haven from the everyday hustle of work or school. We want to help you achieve your goals and our coaches will work with you to help this happen, treat you as an individual and tailor your training to suit you.”

Team Mushin offer classes for all ages and abilities – for more info send us a message on social media

If you or someone you know would like to try the class please contact Sue King on 07590 612610 or email or pop down to check our the facilitates located in the heart of North Liverpool.

Thank you

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