Sunday 14th January 2024
This past Sunday, 14/01, we seen the return of the ‘grading day’ for senior students.
Rick undertook a grading for his 5th Kyu (Orange Belt) in our style.
We are happy to report that Rick successfully passed his grading and gave a strong and determined performance, amplifying the standard in which all gradings should be.
Senior gradings of late have been confined to being complete during a standard one hour class, following discussion within the Yudansha this was believe to be an unrealistic time frame for a strong quality grading to be complete, therefore specific grading dates for senior gradings will now be the norm moving forward.
These dates will be set and it will be the responsibility of the student to ensure they’re adequately prepared and have the correct authority to grade in time for the specific date, this means having all relevant stripes on your belt, all of which can be effected by you and you alone. There are 4 opportunities each week to train and there is always other students willing to train, there is ample opportunity for all students to achieve the required standard prior to grading, several of our senior instructors are also available for private or small group sessions upon request.
Unless there are very special circumstances, no deviations will be made from the dates and if you’re not prepared you will be required to await the next allotted grading date, providing there be space on the day for you to grade.
The primary goal for the school is to achieve and maintain a high standard of Jujitsu, this is what we pride ourselves on and will for the basis for the club.
Nothing will be given, everything must be earned. This attitude will not only solidify the ethos of the school, but will allow you to be confident in your Jujitsu.
Best wishes,
Muga Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu Yudansha

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