Junior Grappling competition.

Our junior competition will take place on Saturday July 29th at 12 o’clock, this is a free event for our youngsters and will be a Ne waza ( grappling) format,

we have  some  awesome medals up for grabs and have been drilling the rule set in our Tue & Thurs sport jujitsu sessions for the past few weeks,  if you would like to enrol your child please let sue know asap, we need their name, age, grade. then we will split the children in to age category’s first and then skillset/grade. medals will be issued for 1st 2nd & 3rd place .

The rule set is as follows :

Good conduct/ behaviour must be shown throughout the matches, please remember we are in  the Dojo not on the footy field, disrespectful behaviour will result in a penalty or disqualification,  Referees decision is final !

Start : Students will bow to each other & then to the Ref then take the kneeling position, all matches start with hand slap & first bump & finish with shaking hands

2 min rounds (fight starts from floor)

2 points awarded for passing guard

3 points  awarded for Taking the mount,

3 point for back control ( back mount)

3 points for scissor sweep

Submission wins overall

What is not allowed  :

– Wrist locks

-Smothering of the face

– snapping locks on

please contact us ASAP to secure your child’s place, by texting sue on 07590612610 with the above details.



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