On Saturday 27th of November students and I attended the Japanese martial arts show based in Wolverhampton, this was a great honour and privilege to teach alongside many of my peers such as Eric Marshall, jimmy Pape Paul Geoghan and Robert Ashworth
it was wonderful to see so many ju-jitsu clubs and associations in attendance and great to catch up with many budoka whom I haven’t seen for a very long time,
I was fortunate enough to be one of the instructors lined up to coach on the day, after a long journey we arrived to a full tatami eagerly awaiting to share knowledge and train, I chose to teach a combative style of ju-jitsu on the day as this is the main focus of my own training over the past couple of years, short simple techniques with a twist , this seemed to go down very well with many of the students in attendance, thankyou to Sean for agreeing to be Uki .
The day was action packed and we had the opportunity to train in many other systems each showcasing their individuality and style, massive thankyou to Lucci Del-Gaudio for a fantastic day of Budo and surprise presentation of Life time achievement award, I am truly humbled and look forward to the next event in 2022
Thankyou to everyone for your wonderful messages and comments and to those who have spoken to me in regards to arranging seminars and dojo visits, I will get back to you all over the next couple of weeks as I need to concentrate on our charity twelve hour JU-Jitsu Gasshuku December 19th to raise awareness and funds for royal British legion,
please feel free to share
Thankyou all again , yours in Budo

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