Are you ready to begin a new journey?
we are so excited to announce a brand new introduction to Japanese Ju-Jitsu coming to Team Mushin in September,
This class taught by our head coach Sue King who has a wealth of knowledge spanning over many decades she is assisted by her senior yudansha who are on hand to also share their knowledge and experience , the program will be aimed at new starters with an emphasis on the core principles of our most popular Martial Art.
If you know anyone thinking about getting fitter, gaining confidence, wanting to learn self-defence then this is the ideal class.
we are now taking names for this exciting opportunity. For further information check out the link below featuring what we will focus on and how it changed Sue King’s life
Our Ju-Jitsu classes are going from strength to strength, but we know how intimidating it can be to enter a class when everyone is already a well-established practitioner, so we have introduced an exclusive new beginners’ program to run alongside our regular sessions,
In traditional Ju-Jitsu there are formalities like bowing to the mat when you enter/leave the gym, and to your partner we ask that you respect your coaches and be on time for class. Yet this does not mean there is no fun and banter, during your sessions you will be monitored and given feedback by the coaches and assessed on how they are progressing
the curriculum covers a variety of aspects, fitness, striking, joint manipulation, throws and groundwork, the class will be beginner friendly, and session will last 1 hour.
A lot of students build up a rapport with the coaches and camaraderie between each other something that carries on throughout the course of their membership as they move through into the full-time advanced class.
All egos are left at the door, which ensures a positive environment as you embark on your Ju-Jitsu journey

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