Hi everyone, please adhere to our dojo rules when attending sessions  and visiting the dojo.
Following these rules ensures a respectful and productive environment for everyone.
Respect: Show respect to instructors, fellow students, and the dojo space at all times.
Punctuality: Arrive on time for your sessions. If you are late, enter quietly and wait for the instructor’s permission to join, if you are more.than 10 minuets late you cannot train.
Cleanliness: Keep the dojo clean. Wear clean uniforms, remove shoes before entering the training area, and clean up after yourself. ( take those water bottles home)
Safety: Always be mindful practice techniques with control and consideration for your training partners to avoid injuries.
Silence: Maintain silence in the dojo to respect the concentration and focus of others. Conversations should be kept to a minimum and conducted quietly.
Participation: Participate actively in all activities and be willing to learn. Show enthusiasm support.and your peers,
Courtesy: Bow when entering and leaving the dojo, and show proper etiquette during interactions.
We appreciate everyone’s efforts in upholding these rules to maintain a positive and respectful dojo environment and make our dojo a place of growth, discipline, and camaraderie.
Thank you!

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