On Saturday November 18th, I celebrated my four decades in my martial arts.
The day began with an energetic seminar at the Village Hotel in Liverpool. Martial artists traveled from all over the country to join in.
It was fantastic to see Jujitsu enthusiasts from various groups come together, led by John Grennhalgh Hanshi, Soke Kevin Pell and myself.
The seminar had an incredible turnout, with practitioners of different skill levels giving it their all. I’m deeply thankful to my dedicated students whose hard work truly showcased their commitment to their art, clubs, and affiliations.
As the evening unfolded, I expressed my gratitude, recognizing the dedication of my yudansha over the years, Celebrating Carl’s official entry into the committee, honored Steven with the title of Renshi for his unwavering 30-year commitment to jujitsu, and bestowed Sean with the Godan grade, an honor ratified and sanctioned by myself, John Greenhalgh Hanshi, Kenneth Culshaw Hanshi and Tom Starling Sensei.
The evening was filled with a mesmerizing performance by Japanese drummers, and I was moved by a commissioned musical piece from Mark Baker of Liverpool Clan Wallace.
Beyond the ceremonies, the evening allowed for reconnecting with old friends and making new connections.
A huge thank you to Andrew from Lemon Media for creating a captivating mini-documentary that captured the essence of this unforgettable event.
Best wishes,
Sue King Shihan.

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