Jujitsu 3rd Dan Grading & Renshi presentation
Saturday 19th November 2022
Today was a special day at the Mushin Honbu. Today one of our longest serving students and instructors tested for Sandan under a grading panel headed by Ken Culshaw Shihan, 9th Dan.
Ste Hughes has been a constant in the Mushin system, beginning his study of jujitsu under Sue King Shihan when he was just a junior.
Ste has always been held in the highest regard by his training partners, students and peers due to his ferocity on the mat and his personality off it. Ste has given his time to help students excel in their jujitsu, particularly Ne-Waza (Grappling) and is a firm favourite on the mat.
Ste’s performance today was technically excellent and is the standard that has become expected from those wishing to wear the black belt of Muga Mushin Ryu Jujitsu.
To top a special day, another of our instructors was presented with a special award, Sean Hughes Sensei was bestowed with the title Renshi, which means Polished Teacher in Japanese martial arts. This was presented by Culshaw Shihan following his dedication to the school and his support to Sue King Shihan.
We must also thank the Ukis who gave up their time to come in and take part in this grading, it’s never easy being an Uke for a Dan grading at the Mushin Honbu, but they stepped up to support and it is greatly appreciated.
Finally, Special mention to great friends of the school, Ken Culshaw Shihan who has become a trusted ally and always brings a wealth of knowledge whenever he visits, thank you for giving your time today and Gary Osbaldeson Sensei who took the time out of his day to visit the dojo and show his support.
Thank you all for your continued support.

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