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we thought that you would like to know a little more about our head  coach  Sue :

Sue’s martial arts journey began at age 15 when she began training in Traditional Ju Jitsu following interest in a local self-defence course.

Beginning at Croxteth Ju-Jitsu club with Alan Lynch & John Heynes & also the infamous Lowlands Ju-Jitsu Academy with Kenny Blundell Sensei, son of the late Soke James Blundell, 9th Dan and founder of the British Ju Jitsu Association (BJJA). Sue studied at the Lowlands for 7 years achieving Shodan in 1990 under the late Soke Robert Clark, 9th Dan & founder of the World Ju Jitsu Federation (WJJF).

In 1993 Sue left LJJA and begin training with Eric Marshall Sensei, 8th Dan founder and head of Bugei Ki Ryu Ju Jitsu. Sue remained with BKR until 2005, achieving the grade of 4th Dan.

In 2007 following Marshall Sensei’s blessing to break away from BKR Sue embarked on a journey which has led to her becoming one of the highest ranked female Ju Jitsu practitioners in the UK. Sue decided to form Muga Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu with the intention to ‘break the mould’ of the current Jujitsu, both believed that the syllabus could benefit from a higher degree of grappling, striking and pressure testing to give students a more complete and practical style of Jujitsu.

Sue embarked on her task of increasing the standard of striking in Jujitsu by training in Muay Thai with Colin Heron of the Fighters & Fitness factory, now known as Team Kaobon. Sue was fortunate to have not only the guidance from Colin but the support and friendship of his fighters, Sue studied under Colin for 8 years and Colin was instrumental in preparing Sue for her first MMA fight.

Enhancing her skills further, Sue began training combatives under Simon Squires & Denis Martin as well as training in Sambo & Ju-Jitsu with long time friend George Kaisidis upon his return to the UK.

Sue also studied several styles of Tai Chi including Yang style under Sifu Richard Lee and Sun Style under Sifu Paul Evans. Sue was also very privileged to study DOPKFS Escrima under Mike Sanchez of Mindanao in the Philippines and was graded to (Guru) 3rd Dan by the Chief Instructor and founder of DOPKFS, Reynaldo Ortiz Manjares.

In 2011, Sue aligned Muga Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu with the British Combat Association, headed by Peter Constadine (9th Dan) and Geoff Thompson (8th Dan) and in January 2011 sue received her 5th Dan (Master grade) from Hanshi Trevor Roberts, 8th Dan. Sue was also awarded the associate grade of Godan in Aiki Jitsu following a period of personal study under Master William Johnson (8th Dan) from Aiki Shin Aikido & Aiki Jitsu Academy.

In 2014 Sue was Ordained as Buddhist Monk with Stone water Zen sangha which is part of white plum lineage. Sue now offers a community hub at the Mushin Combat Academy where she is available for pastural duties and advice to all.

Since the early 90’s Sue has been instrumental in the coaching program of many Jujitsu clubs throughout the North West and was key in pioneering a Ju Jitsu curriculum within the education system which ran throughout several Schools in the Liverpool Area.
Sue’s friendly and open nature has become of great appeal to parents seeking to place their children in to Martial Arts study, particularly appealing to those with attention deficit disorder, special needs and it has been noted how Sue’s influence has produced some dramatic academic and personal results.

In January 2015, Sue was awarded the grade of 6th Dan by BCA for her dedication and passion towards Ju Jitsu, following her tireless campaign to spread Jujitsu into the community and give under privileged children the chance to train in a well-equipped, fully functioning Dojo. As well as being one of the most respected Ju Jitsu practitioners within the Martial Arts community, her honours also make her legitimately one of the highest-ranking females within the art.

In 2017, Sue decided that she wanted to strip her Jujitsu back to the foundation and revisit aspects of the art she hadn’t trained in for many years. Sue was honoured when Hanshi Mike Rowan, 8th Dan and current highest-ranking practitioner of the WJJF offered to mentor Sue and together they are refining her techniques and working towards her 7th Dan. This is a great honour for Sue as not only is Hanshi Rowan one of the most knowledgeable practitioners in the art of Ju Jitsu & Kobudo, but this also brings a bond of friendship full circle as Hanshi Rowan was an instructor at the Lowlands when Sue began her journey over 30 years ago.

In August 2019 Sue was accepted to join United Kingdom Budo Federation and her grade was ratified by the directors of the organisation, in January 2020 Sue accepted the role of Regional officer for Ju-jitsu in Liverpool and surrounding areas,

On 25th January 2020 sue was invited to attend Sekai Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei 30th year anniversary were she was presented the prestigious title of Shihan by Soke Kevin Pell a true honour as Soke has always been a strong influence in her Ju-Jitsu Journey

Sue  has been  working closely with Yudansha committee to push forward our school for a very exciting 2021, please feel free to check out sues Instagram @warriormonkliverpool or contact her through fb Sue King

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