Budo Live seminar  was held on December 1st at our Honbu Dojo in Liverpool  King sesnei said she was honoured to be chosen to host the event on behalf of  Budo Live & UK Budo Federation,she then went on to say that  “I dont even know were to begin, I am overwhelmed with the turnout and support”
45 students from Karate & Ju-Jitsu backgrounds graced the Tatami, training hard and hopefully taking something new back to their dojo , a great Budo gathering with amazing people,
Groups attending were:
Muga Mushin Ryy Ju-Jitsu, Marksman MA, Tameside Karate,Bushido Shotokan Karate Academy. WIJJF WJJF & foundation of martial arts

Massive thankyou to instructors Mike Rowan 8th Dan JU-JItsu,  Mark Wood 8th Dan Ju-Jitsu  & Jullian Mallalieu  6h Dan Karate for dedicating  their time on  Sunday to come and teach  , it was a great honour for me to share the mat with such renown teachers  A

A massive congratulations to Bobby Fairclough & Phil Robert’s for being accepted in to UKBF Association and to Caitlin Lucas on receiving  Junior coach recognition,

Thankyou all for an amazing day,heres to friends In Budo.and another event next year 🙏

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