A huge congratulations to all the children who passed their kickboxing grading on Thursday May 9th!

This year, we decided to split the children into set groups, such as beginners and intermediates, to provide more one-on-one time with our young warriors. This approach allows each child to showcase their skills and individuality. It was fantastic to see them work hard and push through challenges.

As a coach, I am extremely proud of how far each and every child has come. It’s wonderful to see their confidence and self-esteem grow, and to witness them embody the values of our gym: courage, compassion, integrity, respect, and above all, resilience.

Well done, young warriors! Now let’s help our other team members ace their grades and continue the amazing work.

On Friday 19th April, I had the opportunity to visit Norway and instruct on the Stavanger Jujitsu spring camp. I was accompanied on the trip by two members of the Dojo, Sean & Jack, who acted as Uki and assisted instructing the sessions.
The atmosphere was both friendly and energetic and everyone, both attendees and instructors gave their all.
It was a personally a great honour to teach on the seminar alongside a range of fantastic instructors who all displayed their unique approach which provided a highly successful seminar.
In all, this was a fantastic experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Strong friendships and bonds have been forged which I hope will lead to further opportunities to share knowledge together.
I wish to express my gratitude to Kenneth Culshaw Hanshi, Ole & Geir Senseis from Stavanger Ju Jitsu Klubb for both the opportunity and invitation to the seminar, it was a truly honoured experience.
Furthermore, the opportunity to share the mat with Eric Marshall Sensei, Stuart Glover Sensei and the dynamic Lise & Ina-Mari Senseis from Trondheim Jujitsu was an absolute pleasure.
Thank you for a fantastic experience and I look forward to sharing knowledge with you all again in the future.
Sue King Shihan 7th Dan
Muga Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu

March 24th Junior  jujitsu Gradings.

On Sunday March 24th  we held our first  junior grading s of the year using a new format which we believe will encourage our youngsters in all aspects of there style. syllabus, randori, grappling and striking .
there was lots of nerves and excitement bundled in to hard work  resilience and determination.
We are proud of you all  for showcasing our gym values of respect, courage compassion  and resilience as well as great focus, technique and discipline.
Well done young warriors.
We would like to thank Seacon Uk for their continued support in helping team Mushin CIC.
Our juniors were very excited to recieve new Sandee boxing gloves for their thai/kickboxing sessions thanks to Tony & his team.
Team Mushin is a small community interest company that works with children and adults improving mental health and well being through various martial arts, we are actively seeking support from companies who wish to make a difference and help us sustain the work we do in our local community, if you would like to become involved or require more information or .contact us directly .
Our “I Can” project was launched at the beginning of January and is progressing smoothly, with an outstanding group of students actively engaged in enhancing their mental health and well-being through the practice of jujitsu.
This project is dedicated to helping build confidence and resilience through martial arts & ,competition training supported by the understanding that jujitsu extends beyond the physical activity of grappling. It is a lifestyle that encourages mental clarity, emotional resilience, physical fitness, and overall well-being.
We look forward to seeing how the project grows throughout the year.

On February 11, 2023, Jack participated in the Roll Models BJJ competition at Ormiston Horizon Academy in Stoke. The event was smoothly organized with a welcoming atmosphere, and several BJJ clubs were present. Despite not having competed for a while, Jack delivered a great performance, leading for most of the round. Unfortunately, in the last minute, his opponent scored more points, but it was still a valuable experience. Jack remains determined, ready to reset, and looks forward to the next competition. Congratulations, Jack!

Sunday 14th January 2024
This past Sunday, 14/01, we seen the return of the ‘grading day’ for senior students.
Rick undertook a grading for his 5th Kyu (Orange Belt) in our style.
We are happy to report that Rick successfully passed his grading and gave a strong and determined performance, amplifying the standard in which all gradings should be.
Senior gradings of late have been confined to being complete during a standard one hour class, following discussion within the Yudansha this was believe to be an unrealistic time frame for a strong quality grading to be complete, therefore specific grading dates for senior gradings will now be the norm moving forward.
These dates will be set and it will be the responsibility of the student to ensure they’re adequately prepared and have the correct authority to grade in time for the specific date, this means having all relevant stripes on your belt, all of which can be effected by you and you alone. There are 4 opportunities each week to train and there is always other students willing to train, there is ample opportunity for all students to achieve the required standard prior to grading, several of our senior instructors are also available for private or small group sessions upon request.
Unless there are very special circumstances, no deviations will be made from the dates and if you’re not prepared you will be required to await the next allotted grading date, providing there be space on the day for you to grade.
The primary goal for the school is to achieve and maintain a high standard of Jujitsu, this is what we pride ourselves on and will for the basis for the club.
Nothing will be given, everything must be earned. This attitude will not only solidify the ethos of the school, but will allow you to be confident in your Jujitsu.
Best wishes,
Muga Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu Yudansha

Thank you, BBC NWT, for the fantastic interview aired on January 4th. It was amazing to have our small dojo featured on national TV, sharing our story and highlighting the impactful work we do in our local community. As we move forward in 2024, we’re seeking sponsors to support our community interest company. If you’re interested in being a part of this endeavor, please reach out to me directly. Your contribution can help us sustain our meaningful initiatives.

A massive thankyou Alice Scarff & Ewan Gawne for the wonderful article for BBC news following on from our BBC news sports day, Interview back in September   as head coach for Team Mushin CIC i am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and help to inspire those around me to prove that we can triumph over adversity. please follow the link below to read the full interview .



Team Mushin is a non-profit, community martial arts academy based in Norris Green in Liverpool teaching children & adults
Martial arts is a great way to improve mental health & well being , get fit,gain confidence , we provide a welcoming environment to learn new skills and make new friends.
We use martial arts as a way of instilling self belief, self worth and helping our students with their personal development through a series of core values
We have availability in  2024 for new starters in  our jujitsu  classes so feel free to contact us for more information


Excellent club. High levels of knowledge from all instructors. Brilliant place for kids to train. Both myself and my son attend and both love it

Davyboy Avatar Davyboy

Clean and well laid out. Very professional. Started training there myself with my daughter this year after my old club closed due to covid


No better Jiu-Jitsu academy for kids I don’t think I could find a better academy for my 2 kids. They absolutely love it! The teaching is simply fantastic and the whole atmosphere is welcoming and supportive, for both the kids and parents. Sensei Sue teaching style is inspirational - both technically brilliant and supportive. I can recommend Mushin Combat Academy to anyone looking for a Jiu-Jitsu school for their children.

Kamila Janiow Avatar Kamila Janiow

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