On February 11, 2023, Jack participated in the Roll Models BJJ competition at Ormiston Horizon Academy in Stoke. The event was smoothly organized with a welcoming atmosphere, and several BJJ clubs were present. Despite not having competed for a while, Jack delivered a great performance, leading for most of the round. Unfortunately, in the last minute, his opponent scored more points, but it was still a valuable experience. Jack remains determined, ready to reset, and looks forward to the next competition. Congratulations, Jack!

Thank you, BBC NWT, for the fantastic interview aired on January 4th. It was amazing to have our small dojo featured on national TV, sharing our story and highlighting the impactful work we do in our local community. As we move forward in 2024, we’re seeking sponsors to support our community interest company. If you’re interested in being a part of this endeavor, please reach out to me directly. Your contribution can help us sustain our meaningful initiatives.

A massive thankyou Alice Scarff & Ewan Gawne for the wonderful article for BBC news following on from our BBC news sports day, Interview back in September   as head coach for Team Mushin CIC i am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and help to inspire those around me to prove that we can triumph over adversity. please follow the link below to read the full interview .



Team Mushin is a non-profit, community martial arts academy based in Norris Green in Liverpool teaching children & adults
Martial arts is a great way to improve mental health & well being , get fit,gain confidence , we provide a welcoming environment to learn new skills and make new friends.
We use martial arts as a way of instilling self belief, self worth and helping our students with their personal development through a series of core values
We have availability in  2024 for new starters in  our jujitsu  classes so feel free to contact us for more information

December 16th Junior Gradings.

On Saturday 16th we held our last junior grading of the year,
there was lots of nerves and excitement bundled in to hard work and determination.
We are proud of you all  for showcasing our gym values of respect, courage integrity and resilience as well as great focus, technique and discipline.
Well done young warriors.
See you all on jan 3rd 2024 .




Appologies for late post.
Kyu Grading at Mushin Honbu. Tuesday December 5th
David was graded to red belt, he worked extreemley hard and showcased resillience continually pushing forward under the pressure of the exam which included, striking , pad work, drills, technical skills live randori and grappling.
It was great to see the the lads who have previously graded support and encouage David throughout the exam.
David demonstrated his ability in front of Sue King Shihan and sean hughes Renshi
Many congratulations David keep up the great work.
Muga Mushin Ryu Jujitsu Yudansha
On Saturday November 18th, I celebrated my four decades in my martial arts.
The day began with an energetic seminar at the Village Hotel in Liverpool. Martial artists traveled from all over the country to join in.
It was fantastic to see Jujitsu enthusiasts from various groups come together, led by John Grennhalgh Hanshi, Soke Kevin Pell and myself.
The seminar had an incredible turnout, with practitioners of different skill levels giving it their all. I’m deeply thankful to my dedicated students whose hard work truly showcased their commitment to their art, clubs, and affiliations.
As the evening unfolded, I expressed my gratitude, recognizing the dedication of my yudansha over the years, Celebrating Carl’s official entry into the committee, honored Steven with the title of Renshi for his unwavering 30-year commitment to jujitsu, and bestowed Sean with the Godan grade, an honor ratified and sanctioned by myself, John Greenhalgh Hanshi, Kenneth Culshaw Hanshi and Tom Starling Sensei.
The evening was filled with a mesmerizing performance by Japanese drummers, and I was moved by a commissioned musical piece from Mark Baker of Liverpool Clan Wallace.
Beyond the ceremonies, the evening allowed for reconnecting with old friends and making new connections.
A huge thank you to Andrew from Lemon Media for creating a captivating mini-documentary that captured the essence of this unforgettable event.
Best wishes,
Sue King Shihan.
Apologies for late post .
It has been several years since we last conducted junior and cadet black belt gradings. However, on October 1st, at Mushin Honbu under the guidance of myself, Sean Hughes Renshi (4th dan), Steven Hughes Sensei (3rd dan), and Carl Grogan Sensei (2nd dan), we finally held one.
Connie, Max, and Joseph displayed incredible heart, resilience, commitment, and dedication to their craft especially considering that Max and Joseph started their journey at the age of 4.
The examination was rigorous, covering technical knowledge and live drills involving randori and grappling. We’d like to extend our gratitude to our ukes for generously dedicating their time to assist with this process.
Well done Joseph Max and Connie we look forward to you helping others achieve their goals.
Sue King Shihan
yKu Grading at Mushin Honbu. Thursday 21st september james was graded to red belt
He gave a great performance and was pushed beyond his limits during the exam
James demonstrated his striking ability, live drills of randori as well as grappling and technical , knowledge,
thank you  to Liam Russell from Satori Jujitsu for assisting in the grading.
Many congratulations James, keep up the great work
Muga Mushin Ryu Jujitsu Yudansha
Kyu Grading at Mushin Honbu. Monday september 18th
Chris was put through his paces and graded to red belt, he did not buckle under the pressure of the exam, which included, striking , pad work, drills, technical skills live randori and grappling.
It was great to see the the lads who have previously graded support and encouage Chris throughout the exam.
Chris demonstrated his ability in front of Sue King Shihan and sean hughes Renshi
Many congratulations chris keep up the great work and thirst for knowledge.
Muga Mushin Ryu Jujitsu Yudansha


Brilliant tutors and very friendly atmosphere

Kevin Maguire Avatar Kevin Maguire

No better Jiu-Jitsu academy for kids I don’t think I could find a better academy for my 2 kids. They absolutely love it! The teaching is simply fantastic and the whole atmosphere is welcoming and supportive, for both the kids and parents. Sensei Sue teaching style is inspirational - both technically brilliant and supportive. I can recommend Mushin Combat Academy to anyone looking for a Jiu-Jitsu school for their children.

Kamila Janiow Avatar Kamila Janiow

Highly recommended. My daughter loves it. She does Japanese ju-jitsu. It is fun and the environment is friendly.

Angelica Rutherford Avatar Angelica Rutherford

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